Our reaming shells are available in industry standard lengths of 6" (one pad), 10"( 2 pads) and 18" (3 pads or 4 pads). Our reaming shells are made with high-quality, synthetic and natural diamonds, embedded in a highly resistant matrix. They have additional protection made from friction-resistant tungsten carbide to maximize lifespan, and their maximum active surface helps to limit deviation. Spiral waterway canals that are wider than standard design type and as such reduce the potential for blockage by pebbles or other debris.A tapered leading edge for ease of movement down the drill hole.Placement directly adjacent to the male thread connection to reduce the possibility of abrasive wash-out between the shoulder of the drill bit body and the gauge ring of the reaming shell.

The diamond pads are reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts on the leading edge, which reduces the erosion of matrix around the diamonds by forcing the abrasive cuttings up the waterways and not allowing it to travel across the face of the diamond pad.

We makes the locking coupling with “infiltrate tungsten carbide pad” for hole stabilization (as a reaming shell), and any other length locking coupling may be available on request.

Oversized reaming shells are available according toy our request.


Our Reaming Shells are set with fully processed natural diamonds. Synthetic diamond (impregnated type) reaming shells are also manufactured. Our reaming shells are produced with top quality diamond and metal powders selected to ensure an optimum performance and efficient reaming of the hole to achieve the best results. Utilized to maintain the hole gauge and stabilize the drilling system during the operation drilling in the hole. Deep and wide waterways to facilitate effective flushing and contribute to a long life. Designed to be placed behind the core bit to ensure the hole diameter and to assist the core barrel stabilization.